Olmsted Falls, Ohio


The WHOA Board of Trustees coordinates projects of all sizes that improve our community. Here are some examples of our recent projects:

Minor Repairs & Upgrades

The flow meter on the baby pool filter system was replaced.

The pump basket for baby pool pump was replaced.

A new 12' non-telescoping pole for shepherd hook was acquired (required by ODH).

Lane line hook part replaced.

Additional trash cans have been purchased for the court area. One additional trash can has been placed outside of the trash can storage structure. Please refrain from throwing your trash into the trash can storage area.

A pest company has been hired to address the bee problem at the pool office.

Major Repairs & Upgrades 

 Playground Project

The WHOA Board began planning a playground update project in early 2021. The multi-year project, with a budget of approximately $50,000, was planned to have two phases in order to spread the funding over multiple budget cycles.

There were various supplier delays, but the first phase of the playground upgrade began in March 2022. Phase I includes a new swingset, bouncy riders, and border.

The second phase will most likely include benches and various play equipment for a wide array of a ges (toddler to early teen). Some of the equipment suggestions from residents include climbing structures, seesaws, monkey bars, rock climber, and slides.

Any resident who is interested in joining a committee to work toward the completion of this exciting project, should email the board at whoaconnect@gmail.com.

Annual Dues & Assessments

Association dues are an investment in your community, helping us fund maintenance, enhancement, and beautification projects throughout the neighborhood. All homeowners are legally required to pay their dues.

The annual dues for 2022 will remain $310.00. Senior discounts will be given upon verification that owner is 62 years or older. 

There is also a $75 assessment for the 2022 season. Per the Code of Regulations, there is no senior discount for assessments. All homeowners must pay the full amount. 

Invoices for the 2022 season were mailed the week on April 4, 2022.

Click here to read the April 4, 2022 Letter to Homeowners.

Pay Dues by Check

You may mail your check (be sure your home address is clearly noted) to:
Westview Homeowners Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 38212
Olmsted Falls, Ohio 44138

Pay Dues Online

We are using Cheddar Up for online payments this year. There is a service fee to use this option. You can pay with a credit card or echeck. Credit cards have higher fees than echeck. If you do not want to pay the service fee, please mail your check to the address above. 

Pay your 2022 dues here

If you are behind on your dues and would like to get caught up using an online payment, please use the link below. There is a service fee for online payments. If you do not want to pay the service fee, please mail a check to the address above.

Pay past dues here